About us

In close cooperation with businesses, research institutions and the public sector, the non-profit non-governmental organisation Your Energy Solutions Agency Central Europe (YESA CE) since 2009 manages national, regional and communal research, development and investment projects in Central and Eastern Europe, particularly in the following areas:

  • Energy production and use, focussing on renewable energy sources, electricity and heat networks, energy efficiency measures and bio fuels

  • Waste management and technology

  • Existing waste deposits and landfill technology

  • Infrastructure and water/sewage treatment technology

  • Environmental management and life cycle assessment

  • Social economics

  • Regional and business management

YESA CE is particularly active in the development of projects in Hungary, Romania and Slovakia. Its activities are centred on professional preparatory work, treatment, monitoring and implementation of research, development and investment projects in cooperation with companies, research institutions and the public sector.

YESA CE works together with numerous partners and sponsors from the industry, as well as from research institutions and the technology departments of various universities. Several of YESA CE’s partners are also so-called sponsorship members who fund and support cooperation projects by means of sponsoring.