Experts predict critical shortages of global energy supply over the next years. Sources of traditional fossil fuels such as crude oil and natural gas are rapidly dwindling, threatening to cause serious supply shortages and increasing price fluctuations. Neither is nuclear energy a problem-free solution. More and more nuclear energy power stations in Europe pass their prime and are laid to rest for fear of serious accidents. Even if the risks of nuclear power could be overcome, all indicators point to the fact that power plants currently in operation, whether nuclear or fossil, cannot completely meet the steadily increasing energy needs over the next years and decades.


The European energy market is under particular pressure due to the high rate of economic growth expected in the new EU Member States of the former eastern bloc. The outdated energy sources and infrastructure available in those countries are inadequate to meet rapidly growing energy requirements. This affects the electricity and gas markets and, consequently, the supply of useful heat.


In this context, in 2009 the non-profit non-governmental organisation Your Energy Solutions Agency Central Europe (YESA CE) was established as an agency specialised on developing projects in Central and Eastern Europe in the fields of renewable energy, energy efficiency and waste management. YESA CE considers the development of regional and local capacities for the production and use of renewable energies to be an essential investment into the region’s ability to compete. Energy projects managed by YESA CE include biogas and biomass heat and power stations; projects are prepared and implemented under YESA CE’s leadership and in cooperation with selected partners from the private sector, research and development, as well as government and non-governmental organisations.


YESA CE’s management and implementation of energy projects is based on a holistic approach, guaranteeing competent and efficient processes from planning to financing to technical implementation. All participants benefit from this special approach: on the one hand our clients, e.g. municipalities and large livestock farms, to whom we provide comprehensive project management services, tailored to individual requirements; on the other hand our partners, to whom our projects offer a high level of investment security and sustainable, positive value creation.


Against this background, YESA CE more specifically carries out the following activities:


  • Establishing networks between business and politics,
  • Assessing available funding systems,
  • Procuring information about preferential applicants,
  • Acquiring clients who have already secured funding,
  • Drafting funding applications and tender documents,
  • Developing and implementing financing concepts,
  • Supporting and managing the tendering process, e.g. lobbying,
  • Monitoring and evaluating tender documents,
  • Coordinating a range of technical specialist fields (planning, construction, placing into operation),
  • Organising networking meetings between project participants and external professionals for sharing know-how and best practice advice,
  • Providing advice to agricultural enterprises, municipalities, and small and medium-sized businesses on how to achieve optimal implementation of joint projects,
  • Providing advice to municipalities as well as to public and private establishments on how best to exploit and optimise renewable energy sources,
  • Providing advice to ministries and government organisations with regard to the above-specified areas of specialisation,
  • YESA CE additionally provides engineering services in the field of energy efficiency, in particular to measure current conditions and calculate energy savings potential.