Biogas is a universal and renewable energy source. In controlled procedures, bacteria produce energy-rich biogas and high-quality fertilizer from biogenic raw materials.

YESA CE's partner is the market leader in the biogas technology industry with long-standing experience in the construction of environmental power plants and more than 50 successfully implemented reference units to its name. Our partnership focuses on innovation and efficiency, allowing us to provide our clients with the best possible results to meet their objectives. On the one hand, YESA CE provides core planning and funding competences, which allow us to implement highly cost effective concepts. On the other hand, our clients obtain substantial benefits through our use of superior technology. Conventional biogas plants depend on liquid manure and corn silage for substrate and are subject to relatively high operational risks, as even slight irregularities in the substrate mixture that is fed can lead to faults. In contrast, together with our partner we exclusively plan and construct 2nd generation biogas plants, which are superior to conventional plants in many respects thanks to revolutionary steam explosion technology. Some of the main advantages of our biogas plants are:


  • Suitability for plant and animal substrate (silage, plant waste, animal waste etc.)
  • Use of previously useless substrate: ligneous plants (straw, manure, reeds etc.)
  • Decomposition and homogenising of all organic solid substances
  • Increase in gas production by 25–100 % through increased substrate use
  • Improvement of gas quality through optimised methane production
  • No operational problems: no congestions or internal floating roof
  • High level of use, low operational costs, higher revenues, more cost effectiveness


Our biogas target clients are diverse and include municipalities, agricultural and large livestock farms, waste processing plants, slaughter houses, industry and trade.