A core reason to choose biomass is that it is based on renewable resources, making it a sustainable and long-term source of energy. YESA CE’s biomass cooperation partner is a reputable technology and full-line provider with many years of experience in the field of biomass heating power energy. We supply economically stable heat and energy, using sustainable and ecological fuel supply technology that is based on renewable resources. The appropriate logistics for procuring resources are also guaranteed by our partner. As a result, all our biomass projects are based on the philosophy of short channels, which provides further motivation for using resources efficiently and ensuring maximum cost effectiveness.


YESA CE’s biomass clients receive completely self-sufficient, economical and ecological energy production systems. These can be designed as completely new plants, or integrated into existing systems as a bypass. A base capacity of minimum 200 kW and comprehensive advice with regard to financing, installation and operation are included in all of our projects.


Our target biomass clients are diverse and include municipalities, public and semi-public institutions, housing construction cooperatives, industry, trade, hotels, hospitality, swimming pools, universities, schools, kindergartens, health care facilities, rest homes and hospitals.