Energy rationalisation

Energy rationalisation (also called energy savings contracting) is the proven method of substantially reducing the running costs of buildings without investing any capital expenditure. The required investments in energy plants are completely provided for by the implementation contractor (energy plant constructer), with refinancing resulting from energy savings actually achieved. After refinancing is completed, the client obtains the full benefits of the savings. The economically achievable savings potential for total electricity and heating use through increased efficiency in households, production plants and offices is on average 20­-30% (!).

To help our clients fully utilise this energy savings potential, we work together with a specialised full-line provider with long-standing experience in energy savings contracting. We provide tailored, integrated energy rationalisation measures, including as part of the biogas and biomass projects managed by us. In cooperation with our partner, we provide advice and support through each step: from measuring the savings potential, to detailed analysis, and through to technical implementation and financing. All sources of energy usage are analysed and consumption levels optimised.

Overview of a selection of services provided by YESA CE and its partners:


  • Free of charge potential analysis,
  • Analysis of energy sources and expenses,
  • Development/planning of improvement and refurbishment measures,
  • Economic appraisal with binding presentation of savings amount, investment amount and amortisation period,
  • Evaluation and presentation of financing and funding options.


Depending on the scope and requirements of a project, YESA CE is able to integrate energy rationalisation measures into all of its energy projects, making the target group by and large the same as for our biogas and biomass projects. Clients that would particularly obtain benefits from our savings contracting services also include office complexes, commercial building complexes, shopping centres, administrative buildings, hospitals, swimming pools and sports centres.