Waste Management

YESA CE also provides assistance in dealing with communal waste. We connect clients with specialised professionals who provide advice, measurements, planning, and waste management solutions to municipalities, city councils, operations and factories.

works together with experts who operate a diverse range of successful waste processing and recycling schemes in Austria. The city of Graz, for example, collects, separates and processes waste all at one site, and in the province of Burgenland several municipalities share all waste management and recycling responsibilities through one cooperative founded especially for this purpose.


In bordering regions, which additionally benefit from high levels of EU funding, cross-border cooperation is recommended. YESA CE has the required experience and know-how to assist municipalities in implementing such cross-border projects. Currently we are managing two cross-border projects and providing services to 3 municipalities with the aim of implementing optimum waste processing and recycling solutions. Each project that we manage includes applications for funding.